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Remote Reviews

Remote Reviews are available for those clients who live out of the San Diego area.  We can do this over the phone, using Skype, and/or using a service called 

No Computer Access:

If you don't have access to a computer, we can mail you some of the items Marc will discuss with you as you talk on the phone.


Computer Access:

If you do have computer access, great!  If you have a webcam, we can Skype or FaceTime. 


Our Skype addresses are:

Marc - marc.pusd
Joe - joe.seiley
Janelle - janellemass
Tara - tara.alkire

Please feel free to add any of us prior to your remote review to ensure you're set up and ready to go for your appointment.  Tara and Janelle are available to do test runs if you'd like. 


Our FaceTime addresses are:

Marc -
Joe -
Janelle -


The other service we use is called Join Me.  It will allow you to sit in front of your computer and watch what Marc is seeing/showing you on his computer.  This way you don't have to juggle any documents or try to open files, etc.  It is very easy.  To use Join Me, enter the website in your internet browser.  Once the Join Me page has loaded, look for the green area toward the middle of the page that says "Join Meeting" and asks you to enter the code.  We will give you this code once we begin our phone call. 

All of these options make Remote Reviews easy and helpful.  Again, please call us if you need help. 





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